Fanlisting Wishlist

There fanlistings are the ones we'd really love to own. These already have fantastic owners, no disrespect is intended, it's more for our own amusement. However, if you own one of these fanlistings and are interested in a trade, or don't want to run it anymore, drop us a note! You'd probably make our year ;)

Actors: Taylor KitschActors: Taylor Kitsch
He is HAWT.

Kristen BellActresses: Kristen Bell
Kristen is amazing. We first saw her on Veronica Mars and fell instantly in love with her. She's pretty, has a good sense of humor, she's caring and just over-all awesome. And she's so tiny! Kristen is a really talented actress, and she can do anything she wants to. She has two upcoming movies now, which we cannot wait to see! We used to run a fansite for her, but the domain sadly expired in August 2006. Hopefully we'll get it back up some day :)

Actresses: Summer GlauActresses: Summer Glau
Seriously. Roxors.

Firefly: River TamCharacters: Firefly: River Tam
River is awesome.

Tim BurtonDirectors/Producers: Tim Burton
Tim is a creative genius, without a doubt. The man makes all these beautiful, beautiful movies, with great actors and wonderful music. His greatest works ever (according to us) are Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Big Fish and Corpse Bride. It's just unbelieveable, the joy and sheer pleasure a person can get from watching his movies, because they are all made with such devotion and hard work. We've seen nearly all the movies he's ever directed, and there is not one of those movies that don't have that special something only Tim can bring to a movie.

Games: Relationships: Kingdom Hearts: Kairi & SoraGames: Kingdom Hearts: Kairi and Sora
They are just adorable!

Musicians: Bands/Groups: Tegan & SaraMusicians: Bands/Groups: Tegan & Sara
Indie rock that just plain rocks.

Greek=TV Shows: Greek
We loove Greek. The fact that it's a college-based show is awesome, because good college shows are severely lacking. All the drama at the sororities and fraternities is so much fun, and Spencer Grammer's portrayal of Casey and her relationship with Cappie is probably what we love most about this show.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer=TV Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Joss Whedon is our hero for creating one of the best shows to ever run on TV. Buffy had seven glorious seasons, with heartbreak, battles, death, random singing and vampires. And heros. Our most favourite show, and the best female heroine to ever exist.