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Welcome to Quirky, the only fanlisting for the actress Jewel Staite, from shows such as Firefly and Higher Ground recognised by The Fanlistings Network. If you're a fan of Jewel, take a look around, and maybe even join. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of fanlistings, check out the about section. Enjoy your stay!

If you're looking for more information about Jewel, go visit the information section. A few things are still under construction, but it's updated regularly with new information and other interesting stuff you might be curious about!

This fanlisting was last updated on 11th September 2016. We have a total member count of 199 members, and 1 members pending approval.

This site is not endorsed by Jewel and is not affiliated with her in any way, and does not intended to violate any copyright and is a non-profit fanlisting recognised by The Fanlistings Network. This site uses scripts from CodeGrrl and Indiscripts, and was adopted from Emily in September 2009.