danny elfman


This fanlisting was created in July 2006 by Elise and Ingrid of Deadly Nightshade and was previously co-owned by Kayleigh of Sianach. This is the only fanlisting for the composer and musician listed at The Fanlistings Network. Photoshop CS and Photshop CS2 were used for the graphics and buttons, and the site was coded in Notepad.

Images featured on this site are from Amazon and our own captures, plus the Google Image Search. If you're interested in donating pictures, email us at potato[@]artcuriosity.com. All donations will be credited and greatly appreciated!

Credit to Codegrrl.com for the NL-ConvertToPHP script, and also to Indiscripts for Enthusiast. Kudos to Julie for the code script, and the Enth member hack.

All of the content on this site is copyrighted to their original owners. I own nothing, except for graphics and coding. If you are the owner of something featured on the site and want it to be removed, email us at potato[@]artcuriosity.com.

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