danny elfman


 Actors: Depp, Johnny  Actresses: Bonham Carter, Helena  Actresses: Lohman, Alison  Albums: Soundtracks: Beautiful Mind, A  Albums: Soundtracks: Braveheart  Albums: Soundtracks: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  Albums: Soundtracks: Corpse Bride  Albums: Soundtracks: Lost  Albums: Soundtracks: Series of Unfortunate Events, A  Characters: Nightmare Before Christmas, The: Skellington, Jack  Movies: Batman Returns  Movies: Corpse Bride  Movies: Dolores Claiborne  Movies: Pee-Wee's Big Adventure  Movies: Sleepy Hollow  Musicians: Male: McCreary, Bear  Relationships: Real Life: Burton, Tim and Danny Elfman  Relationships: TNBC: Lock, Shock and Barrel  Songs: Various: Nightmare Before Christmas, The: Elfman, Danny and Cast: Kidnap The Sandy Claws
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