Sense and Sensitivity

ANGEL: I'm gonna go clean out the nest. I'll see you back at the office.
CORDELIA: Okay, am I wrong in thinking that a *Please* and *Thank you* is generally considered good form when requesting a dismemberment?
DOYLE: He appreciates us, in his own...unappreciative way.

CORDELIA: Nothing. I just find it *endlessly* fascinating how your instincts are *so* highly attuned when it comes to boring old evil, but you have *yet* to make any mention of these new shoes. (Points at orange sandals.)
ANGEL: Look, Cordelia. Women's shoes... Men...they just don't...
DOYLE: (enters) Great shoes! New? (To Angel) So, you were right, Papazian's planning something.

ANGEL: What are you two doing...
DOYLE: It's Kate, we followed her here.
CORDELIA: She's totally lost it. She looked like she's ready to do some damage.
DOYLE: And it's not just her by the looks of things.
CORDELIA: The whole place is going nuts! This is *so* not good.
ANGEL: Okay, I think someone needs a hug!

COP: (through the door) We're closed.
DOYLE: You're the police! You can't close!