In The Dark

CORDELIA: This is so awesome. Our first walk-in client. Everything is going according to plan! See girl in distress, see Angel save girl from druggy/stalker boyfriend, and see...Invoice! Ta-da!
DOYLE: Nothing. You're doing a lovely job there. Looks very official.
CORDELIA: So why are you not rejoicing at our first paying client?
DOYLE: Because that's not money you're holding in your hand there, darling, that's mail. There's a big difference between that and actually getting paid.
CORDELIA: But she has to pay! Invoice! That's the rule of our whole, like, society!
DOYLE: Defaulting? That's another popular rule in our society, especially with the down-and-outs. Not that I've perpetrated said heinousness myself...

CORDELIA: So what are you saying? Why bother?
DOYLE: All I'm saying is that if we're ever going to take that cruise to the Bahamas together, we're going to need a lot more clients of means.
CORDELIA: And an alternate reality in which you are Matthew McConaughey.

CORDELIA: Oh, this is Doyle. He--air quote--works here.
OZ: Hey. So, I heard the rumors, but you guys can fill me in on the real deal here. So you guys are, like, detectives?
CORDELIA: No, I'm an actress!
DOYLE: And quite a captivating one at that.

DOYLE: (making a mark in his address book) Frankie Tripod? A big no.
CORDELIA: Frankie Tripod? Oh, I get it. Some kind of three-legged monster, right?
DOYLE: No, he's human.
CORDELIA: Then what's his name supposed to...oohh.
DOYLE: Hey listen, why don't you sit down, get comfortable. Angel said I should go through every name in my book until I get a bead on where Spike is hiding out. Could be a while.
CORDELIA: Please. I couldn't get comfortable here if the floor was lined with mink. I mean, how can you live like this?
DOYLE: Well, I didn't until last week. Then I saw what you did with your place, and I just had to call my decorator.

DOYLE: (in a nasally voice) House of Pies.
ANGEL: Doyle? Is that you?
DOYLE: Hey, uh, sorry man. Just laying low. All those calls to past acquaintances stirred up a few, uh, resentments.
ANGEL: I hope it was worth it.
DOYLE: Yeah, well, listen Manny the Pig said he didn't know anything about a vampire called Spike.
DOYLE: So he said that *before* I mentioned anything about Spike. So you'll find him at a joint down on Third called the Orbit Room.
ANGEL: Okay. I'll start with Manny the Pig then.
DOYLE: Work your way down.

CORDELIA: How did you do that?
DOYLE: Hey, you gotta get lucky sometimes.
CORDELIA: I could hug you! (Doyle spreads out his arms) Not that lucky. Now, come on we've got save Angel!
DOYLE: Right, by giving Spike exactly what he wants so he can kill us.
CORDELIA: Right! No. We need a plan.