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Welcome to the Dark Side Welcome to the Dark Side
Subject: O.C., The
Welcome to the Dark Side has a total of 6972 approved + (0 pending) members and has been open since 27th August 2006. One of the best teenage dramas ever created. We love the plots, the quirky and slightly geeky characters you can't help but like, and also the gorgeous girls who are more than they seem to be. You can relate to the characters, and even though they sometimes go slightly overboard, you still love them. The O.C. is also seriously funny. Seth Cohen has got to be the most adorable TV character ever created, and the rest of the characters are just as fantastic as Seth. The show has a lot of crazy twists that you don't see coming at all, and that's one of our favorite things about it. The music is also really good, we listen to the soundtracks constantly! Adopted from Heather in August/September 2006.

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