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Champion Champion
Subject: Angel/BtVS: Angel(us) aka Liam
Champion has a total of 290 approved + (0 pending) members and has been open since 04th January 2007. Fanlisting for the character of Angel (Liam/Angelus), from the Joss Whedon series Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He is the vampire with the cursed soul and tries to make up for his past by helping the helpless. Angel is one of our very favorite TV characters ever and we are thrilled to co-pwn this listing with Julie.

More Than The Hero More Than The Hero
Subject: Angel: Allen Francis Doyle
More Than The Hero has a total of 264 approved + (0 pending) members and has been open since 12th April 2005. Aww, Doyle has always been one of my favourite Angel characters. His cute irish accent, the fact that he's half demon and still so charming. His sacrifise in Hero was one of the saddest moments of Angel :(

Eyes Wide Open Eyes Wide Open
Subject: Friday Night Lights: Matt Saracen
Eyes Wide Open has a total of 38 approved + (0 pending) members and has been open since 03rd June 2007. Matt is the shy and insecure second-string quarterback who suddenly has to step up to QB1 after Jason Street suffers a career-ending injury. We love Matt because he's so different from all the regular jocks. He's sweet, shy, well-read and just overall a great guy who takes care of his grandma and has so much responsibility for a sophomore in high school.

Supremely Real Supremely Real
Subject: Gilmore Girls: Rory Gilmore
Supremely Real has a total of 906 approved + (0 pending) members and has been open since 10th January 2007. Fanlisting for Rory Gilmore from the hit TV show Gilmore Girls. Rory is intelligent, witty, quirky and has one of the most amazing relationships with her mother in the history of television. Rory develops a lot through the seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, and we still like her as much now as we did in season one. Adopted from Kay.

Uber-girl Uber-girl
Subject: Gossip Girl: Serena van der Woodsen
Uber-girl has a total of 857 approved + (1 pending) members and has been open since 10th June 2006. Tall, blonde, spontaneous Serena is a prominent member of wealthy New York City society. Serena has a bit of a wild side. She attends boarding school for a year, but after failing to show up for classes in the fall, she is kicked out and taken back by her old private school, Constance Billard. Described as being irresistible to men, she has been pursued by and involved with several characters throughout the series.

Comic Geek Comic Geek
Subject: O.C., The: Anna Stern
Comic Geek has a total of 926 approved + (0 pending) members and has been open since 12th April 2005. Anna first appeared in the 4th episode of The O.C., and in total 17 episodes. Though she's qwirky and cute and stylish, she's also a geek and bonds with Seth over their love of comics. Anna loves sailing and Death Cab for Cutie, which the two have in common. She goes back to Portland in the season 1 episode The Goodbye Girl, but she meets Seth again in a visit to Brown in season 3 and also goes with Seth to the prom! Adopted from Candice.

Like A Marshmallow Like A Marshmallow
Subject: Veronica Mars: Veronica Mars
Like A Marshmallow has a total of 667 approved + (0 pending) members and has been open since 10th August 2005. Fanlisting for the character Veronica Mars. Veronica is my favourite tv character because she's so strong, smart and independent. She has a quick wit and I love her for her humor. Veronica is also really loyal to the people she loves and that's a great quality. Adopted from Liz.

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