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Geek Chic Geek Chic
Subject: Adam Brody
Geek Chic has a total of 427 approved + (0 pending) members and has been open since 16th August 2006. Fanlisting for the adorable and talented actor Adam Brody, mostly known as Seth Cohen from the show The O.C. Adam has starred in Mr. & Mrs. Smith alongside Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, he's been on Gilmore Girls, and you might have caught him in Grind or Thank You For Smoking. Adam has been one of our favorite actors for a long time, ever since we first saw him in Gilmore Girls. We especially love him as Seth Cohen on The O.C. Adopted from Hayley in August 2006.

Poetic Poetic
Subject: Jeremy Sumpter
Poetic has a total of 4165 approved + (0 pending) members and has been open since 18th December 2005. The amazing actor from Peter Pan, Clubhouse and Frailty. He's not only a wonderful actor, but seriously hot. I first saw him in Peter Pan and fell in love with him at once. He was just bloody brilliant. He has the cutest little smile and is totally legal in Norway as well! ;) Adopted from the ever so lovely Loren.

Captain Weird Captain Weird
Subject: Johnny Depp
Captain Weird has a total of 0 approved + (0 pending) members and has been open since 05th June 2006. The fanlisting for the amazing, spectacular, wickedly handsome actor Johnny Depp. Johnny is our most wanted fanlisting ever. We've seen so many of his movies, and Johnny does everything brilliantly. He's a fantastic person with this great sense of humor, and one of the most versatile and talented actors we've ever come across. There is not one single Johnny movie to this date that we've seen and haven't liked, which is crazy, considering we've seen a lot of his work. We're extremely lucky to co-own this fanlisting and the fansite that hosts it with Annie.

Roaming Badger Roaming Badger
Subject: Sean Biggerstaff
Roaming Badger has a total of 404 approved + (0 pending) members and has been open since 18th August 2005. Fanlisting for Scottish actor Sean Biggerstaff, from the Harry Potter movies, who has the most wicked accent ever and a strange obsession with badgers. He looks great in a kilt, and to quote Sean himself: "I'm devilishly good-looking and single!"

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