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Finnis Everglot: There's an eye in me soup.

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  • The puppets were made from stainless steel armatures covered with silicone skin.

  • The first stop-motion feature to be edited using Apple's Final Cut Pro.

  • This is the first feature to be made with commercial digital still photography cameras (31 Canon EOS-1D MARK 2 SLR cameras with Nikon Lenses) instead of film cameras.

  • The film is dedicated to the memory of Joe Ranft.

  • As an indication of the painstaking nature of stop-motion animation, it took the animators 28 separate shots to make the bride blink.

  • When Victor plays the piano, he leans back and the nameplate says "Harryhausen", a reference to stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen.

  • The puppets used neither of the industry standards of replaceable heads (like those used on The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) or replaceable mouths (like those used by Aardman Studios in Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) but instead used precision crafted clockwork heads, adjusted by hidden keys. This allowed for unprecedented subtlety, but was apparently even more painstaking than the already notoriously arduous animation. One animator even reported having recurring nightmares of adjusting his own facial expression in this fashion.

  • The maggot's voice is an impersonation of Peter Lorre.

  • The puppets were two feet tall and some of the stages were so large that animators could actually fit through the set doors with minimal crouching.

  • This is the first major release of the newly-formed Laika Studios in Portland, Oregon (formerly Vinton Studios) now owned by Phil Knight.

  • At one point Mr Everglot mistakenly calls Victor "Vincent", a reference to Tim Burton's first stop-motion animated short.

  • Had a 55-week shoot, during which 109,000, 440 individually animated frames had to be set up and filmed.

  • The skeletons in the underworld perform several of the routines from The Skeleton Dance (1929).

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