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Emily: Maybe he does belong with her.
[sarcastic tone]
Emily: Little Miss Living.

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Quotes conatain spoilers!

Victor: Tomorrow, Victoria, we are to be...
Victor: Mmmm... mmmm... mmmm...
Victoria: ... married.

Emily: Darling... where are you going?
Victor: *Home*!

Emily: [about Scraps] What a cutie!
Victor: You should have seen him with fur.

Barkis Bittern: Can a heart still break after it's stopped beating?

Elder Gutknecht: Why go up there when people are dying to get down here?

Victoria: What if Victor and I don't like each other?
Maudeline: Hmpf! As if that has anything to do with marriage. Do you suppose your father and I like each other?
Victoria: Surely you must, a little.
Maudeline, Finnis Everglot: Of course not!

Emily: Hop scotch!

Emily: [about Victor] He's not my boyfriend, he's my husband.

Emily: You may kiss the bride.

Skeleton: [grabs old woman] Frankly darling, I don't give a damn.

Victor: I've got a... dwarf, and I'm not afraid to use him!

Victor: With these hands I will cup...
[unconsciously cups his hands to his chest]
Victor: Oh dear no! [throws hands down]

Bonejangles: A tragic tale of romance, passion, and a murder most foul!

Pastor Galswells: [holding the ghosts off] Back, ye demons from Hell!
Skeleton: Keep it down, will yer? We're in a church.

General Bonesapart: This is going to be good.

Victor: [to the corpse of Scraps] Play dead.

Solemn Village Boy: [the little boy walks away from his frightened family and toward one of the skeletons] Grandpa?

Finnis Everglot: There's an eye in me soup.

Town Crier: In other news... *the dead walk the earth*!

Victor: And with this candle... I will light your mother's dress on fire.

[Emily recognizes Lord Barkis]
Emily: You!
Barkis Bittern: Emily? But I left you.
Emily: For dead!

Victor: With this hand I will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never be empty, for I will be your wine. With this candle, I will light your way into darkness. With this ring, I ask you to be mine.

Emily: Maybe he does belong with her.
[sarcastic tone]
Emily: Little Miss Living.

Victor: Wait. I made a promise.
Emily: You kept your promise. You set me free. Now I can do the same for you.

Emily: I was a bride. My dreams were taken from me. But now - now I've stolen them from someone else. I love you, Victor, but you are not mine.

Maggot: Let me at him! Let me at him! Don't hold me back!
Elder Gutknecht: [holding crowd back] Wait! We must abide by their rules! We are amongst the living.
Maggot: [after Lord Barkis drinks potion] Not any more!
Elder Gutknecht: Yep. You're right. He's all yours.

Maggot: If I hadn't just been sitting in it, I would say that you'd lost your mind!

Victor: But I don't even know your name.
Maggot: [from inside Emily's head] Well, that's a great way to start a marriage.
Emily: [grasps head and hisses] Sshh! Shut up!

Mrs. Plum: New arrival!