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 Actors: Boreanaz, David  Actors: Bredon, Nicholas  Actors: Green, Seth  Characters: Angel: Doyle, Allen Francis  Characters: BtVS: Harris, Xander  Characters: Spike/William the Bloody  Characters: Veronica Mars: Mars, Veronica  Episodes: BtVS: 03.13 - The Zeppo  Episodes: BtVS: 1.12: Prophecy Girl  Episodes: BtVS: 2.01: When She Was Bad  Episodes: BtVS: 2.05: Reptile Boy  Episodes: BtVS: 2.12: Bad Eggs  Episodes: BtVS: 3.10: Amends  Episodes: BtVS: 5.17: Forever  Fanstuff: Fanfiction: Chase, Cordelia and Angel  Fanworks: Fanfiction: Summers, Buffy and Ange het  Other: BtVS/Angel Merchandise  Physical: Summers, Buffy  Relationships: BtVS: Chase, Cordelia & Xander Harris  Relationships: Real Life: Boreanaz, David and Sarah Michelle Gellar  Relationships: TV: Angel: Chase, Cordelia and Allen Francis Doyle  TV/Movie/Book Misc: [+] Fights Of BtVS  TV/Movie/Book Stuff: BtVS: Angels house  TV/Movie/Book Stuff: BtVS: Buffy's Cross  TV/Movie/Book Stuff: BtVS: Summers residence
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